hello, im amber and this is my pokemon blog!!
*currently on semi hiatus cause of college!*
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Who is your favorite Elite Four member?

2 years ago on 06.04.12 ✖ 39 notes
  1. yourlittlefellow answered: I wanne watch the new pokemon series! where can i find them?!! :D
  2. spidercookie answered: GRIMSLEY!
  3. carlyquinn answered: I like Lucian and pretty much every dark/ghost leader
  4. callmedinomyte answered: Lance!
  5. liquorhole said: Cynthia :>
  6. robogingrich answered: Agatha and Koga
  7. berrysweeet answered: Lorelei and Caitlin
  8. textingandmurder answered: koga, Because he sits funny
  9. hanmyo answered: Karen
  10. nintendohypetrain answered: Drake was fucking badass.
  11. underscore1414 answered: probably Phoebe from hoenn :)
  12. oncetier answered: Grimsley<3
  13. heyyitsjayy answered: Aaron from Sinnoh by far.
  14. shooting-queersar-dragon reblogged this from lifeofapokemontrainer and added:
    Does this apply to all 5 regions? Kanto- Lorelei Johto- Karen Hoenn- Drake(I never actually got to the elite four...
  15. zerugiusu answered: Lance, of course!
  16. texasfartsupply answered: Lance!
  17. agriefthatcantbespoken answered: Grimsly/Will
  18. sukunda answered: Drake man gotta love the tough old sailors
  19. twoheartsforlove answered: CYNTHIA….yeah
  20. sayidjarrahs answered: Karen
  21. haychiex answered: Cynthia.
  22. raptorxthedinosaur answered: Can be no other than Lance *grin*
  23. goodvibes808 answered: Lance the Dragon Master!
  24. darrochbrown answered: Bruno: He’s tough as nails and complete pimp.
  25. monsieur-squelette answered: I have to say Phoebe. Ghosts are my favorite type of Pokemon.
  26. marineford answered: Lorelei or Flint
  27. aquaticfire said: LANCE.
  28. fallingcacti answered: Koga
  29. topper-xt answered: lance
  30. gooey-goodra answered: Drake from the Hoenn League
  31. thedrunkenassassin answered: Lorelei
  32. lifeofapokemontrainer posted this