hello, im amber and this is my pokemon blog!!
*currently on semi hiatus cause of college!*
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Who is your favorite rival?

2 years ago on 05.08.12 ✖ 24 notes

Tagged: #random question
  1. thisdemoniblame answered: not barry
  2. paintedinstars answered: Gary fo-evah.
  3. the-pelvic-sorcerer answered: Blue
  4. pokemon-is-love answered: N
  5. queengohma answered: trainer green :3
  6. hip-hopgeek answered: barry
  7. agriefthatcantbespoken answered: Silver
  8. carlyquinn answered: Silver’s pretty hot
  9. squiddmz answered: the one you get to name:)
  10. gooey-goodra answered: Wally
  11. what-did-tyler-create answered: Gary motherfucking Oak, then Barry
  12. snailwitch answered: Silver all the way.
  13. atournamentoflies answered: Gary Motherfucking Oak.
  14. monsieur-squelette answered: I think it might be Silver. Wally is close, though.
  15. peacelovemarleyy answered: Gary<3
  16. ashlyncassondra answered: Brandon
  17. totagaygay answered: Soul
  18. plantsbby answered: Osama Bin Laden
  19. ooglogput answered: Silver, but Blue is close.
  20. commanderlandor answered: May
  21. morningglows answered: Gary Oak.
  22. fuckyeahfirepokemon answered: Barry. Because he’s adorable.
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